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Consuming Vs. Creating

I've been telling people to consume less and create more for years. You may have heard it from me or others...but why is it important? We sometimes hear the same thing so much that we become disensitized to the message. But in case you need a push (and reasons other than a content creator telling you), here is why you should create more and consume less.

1% Internet Rule

This is the term coined by authors and bloggers Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba to explain the fact that 99% of people on the internet are consumers and only 1% are creators. Imagine that, you can create and be part of the 1%! This also means you've gotta drop the excuse that's it's too saturated and no room for you!

Creating Correlates With Success

Successful people are usually the ones creating and therefore consuming less. Think of entrepreneurs who start businesses such as Steve Jobs or Chanel, a musician who writes songs such as Lady Gaga, or a writer who's putting out books or conducting research such as Brene Brown, or even the content creators like vloggers that go viral. And for every famous creator there are those who may not be as main-stream or famous; but, are still are able to create a living and find fulfillment in doing what they love. But creating takes time, so if you're watching Netflix all day or endlessly scrolling through social, you'll find yourself with no time to focus and create something.

It Improves Your Mental Health

A 2016 study in The Journal Of Positive Psychology asserted that “spending time on creative goals during a day is associated with higher activated positive affect (PA) on that day.” These benefits include lower stress levels, less anxiety and depressive symptoms, and experiencing more positive moods like happiness, joy, and optimism.

It Boosts Confidence

When you create, you get the satisfaction of knowing you were able to bring a vision to fruition and this brings satisfaction, fullfilment, and confidence in yourself and your abilities.

So, what are you going to create?

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