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International Women's Day: Latinas Speak Up!

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

International Women's Day, the day everybody will be flooded with posts, news, and ads about women. Well, it's women's day everyday to me! However, today, I want to celebrate women, and most specifically Latinas. Of all the disparities that still exist for women today, Latinas are still the lowest paid group even among other women.

No, it's not what you may be thinking. It's not because all we know how to do is clean houses or cook. I know Latinas in law, boardrooms, media, successful startups, everywhere really. In fact, all the Latinas I know are thriving in what they do! So, I want to show you this side of things. No, the talented ones aren't far in between. I dare to generalize and say that most Latina women are extremely driven and perseverant.

The theme for International Women's Day on the United Nations website is:

''Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women's lives'. This year, International Women's Day comes on the heels of unprecedented global movement for women's rights, equality and justice."

This couldn't be more true. FEM Latinas mission is to empower women around the world. In this article, we have many women who are leading change in their own way and with their own organizations, so let's hear from our Latinas and what they are doing to contribute to this unprecedented movement.

I want you to see things from a different perspective, so here is a post highlighting some pretty cool Latinas and what they have to say. I made sure to grab a good sample size and diverse group, because--wait for it...not all Latinas are Mexican. Finally, I picked women from all walks of life and not based on their "fame" or follower count.

Just for fun, I asked what they'd pick for their last meal on earth and we had such a wide range of answers: from Wagyu steak, to traditional dishes for respective countries, to Italian food.

Despite our differences, I noticed there are a lot of commonalities, like the emphasis on family, community, and personal growth. Most of these women described themselves as perseverant, resilient, and compassionate.

When asked what some of the stereotypes and misconceptions they'd like to dispel are, here are some of the answers,

"That Latin American immigrants haven’t greatly contributed to the economy, arts and all other aspects of the US." -Natalie, Colombian (@nalhontebraga)

"That we are always the help..." -Pamela, Puerto Rican/Salvadoran (@rawlybold)

"Que las mujeres somos para amas de casa solamente. We are more than just wives, or mothers. We can look pretty, have a husband, kids; but also be bosses, own businesses, create an empire!" -Karen, Mexican (@thekarenstyle)

Here is another question, what's an issue that you feel isn't being addressed enough in our society?

"How intelligent, creative, loyal and innovative Latinos are." --Rina, Venezuelan (@rinayoga)

"Antiquated school systems/curriculums. Children are too smart now to learn in the same environment as children 50 years ago." -Brenda, Mexican (@brenlove11)

"I believe that it is important that women know their worth, speak their power and breathe in their excellence. How do we as a society not ALREADY know that women make this whole world go around and around? It’s important that we continue to elevate one another and lift our sisters who are a product of supression so that we can all grow together. Society will shift. It is, slowly." -Mara, Mexican (@moximara)

Look at the pictures in this post to see more anwers and quotes from our amazing women!

Happy International Women's Day!

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