Being On The Google Panel At Alegría Magazine's Anniversary And Driving The New Buick Enclave!

I had the honor to be invited to be one of the #womenintech panelists for Google at the @AlegriaMagazine 7th Anniversary. One of the sweetest part of the experience, is getting to drive and test the new Buick Enclave from @BuickUSA and its QuietTuning technology.

I live in San Diego, so I got to drive the 2019 Buick Enclave all the way to LA for the event, and it was quite the experience (and quiet too!). The beautiful thing about this technology is that it blocks off most of the outside noise, making the driving experience even better! When my friends saw me getting out of it, my reaction was, YUP! #thatsabuick! This car is so luxurious, I felt super fancy driving it and letting go of it was tough! I always thought of Buicks as a car for older people until I got to drive it! This car screams millennial and innovation! It tells you when cars are getting close to you, when they are on your blind spot (surround vision), and even if you are a bit off the lane.

Here is a little video capturing the arrival and clips of the panel and the event by Jose Andres Cortes!

Once I arrived, I was welcomed by the founder of @AlegriaMagazine, Davina Ferreira. She is truly amazing and has created such a beautiful and fun bilingual magazine! The event was held at the beautiful @CandelaOnLaBrea. As you can see on the video, the night was full of beautiful faces, amazing ladies, and lots of pink lights!

To be honest, at first I was a bit nervous about the panel. Although I have a podcast (@withheartyovarios) and a branding agency (@femgency), I don't necessarily think of myself as a tech person. I felt privileged to be on a @Google panel representing Latina women. All the other women on the panel

Alegria Magazine Google Panel Women In Tech

After the panel, we got to eat and dance the night away (my two favorite things after travel!). But my Buick adventure didn't end there. I wanted to enjoy the car as much as I could while I had it! Here is a little recap of a drive back home in San Diego!





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