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I'm Jessie Medina, founder of #FEMX, Brand Consultant, Creative Director, Podcast Host, Speaker, and Influencer. I am honored to be doing this work. Want to learn more about who we are and what we do? Just scroll down this page.





As a Latina woman and first generation immigrant, I've encountered many challenges, I know many of you can relate! But that's not what I want to focus on in this note. I want to share with you that those challenges led me exactly to this point, #FEMX.

FEMX is a female empowerment platform and my heart is to create a movement that's truly diverse and inclusive. I believe in intersectional feminism and empowerment because there are so many intricacies that mainstream feminism has missed. I'm not here to reinvent the wheel; but, I am here to shed light on our stories, to create resources and platforms that cater to the challenges that woc and womxn face, and to build a community where everyone is welcome and represented. 

I am proud of the fact that this has always been our foundation and it's because I wanted to create the very resources I wish I had in my journey as a Latina.

The lesson? Our challenges are our teachers and drive us to our purpose. We exist for women like you and I, that's our why! Wanna get involved? Keep scrolling to see all that we do and how you can become part of it.


Jessie Medina

Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcaster



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Who is Jessie?

Jessie is a social entrepreneur, speaker, influencer, podcaster, writer, and brand strategist.

Jessie is the founder of @FEMXQUARTERS and creatress of the #FEMX brand.
Jessie has dedicated her entrepreneurial journey to develop
a social enterprise and movement to advance women and
create an inclusive and diverse community.

FEMX is a platform that builds empowering and diverse
spaces and resources for women to thrive. Inclusive events, community service, safe spaces, authentic connections, and educational resources are some of the
ways FEMX strives to get women to even.

Jessie is a former VP of Marketing with over 14 years of
experience in business strategy, brand identity, corporate & crisis communications,
social media, corporate culture, and public relations.

Jessie holds a B.S. in Communications and a B.S.
in Business Marketing. She went to college as a Latina dreamer
and is now determined to be a dream-maker inspiring
women to design their dream life.

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